The Historical Sew Monthly 2015

I am super excited to be taking part in this challenge! A friend introduced me to it just in time for the New Year and I couldn’t help myself 😀

The Historical Sew Monthly 2015

I’ve already started to plan a few of the months. Not much concrete yet except January, but we’ll get there over the next few days or weeks. I figure I’ll want to make outfits that I will have some real use for, so that means mostly Renaissance / Medieval designs.

I’m definitely keeping it simple for January since I’m just jumping in – drawing from the Stash actually! I’ve always loved this painting by Paolo Veronese (Lady With A Dog), but would probably never wear anything this complicated in 80*F minimum heat of a Florida Renaissance Festival. So I have some super thin cotton fabric that is similarly stripped that will most likely become a VERY comfy chemise!

1560s Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) (Italian, 1528-1588) Portrait of a Lady with a Dog


As for the other months, April MUST MUST MUST be heraldic in nature. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on heraldry in clothing and funnily enough don’t own a single heraldic garment! I am working right now with two different ideas, and really the decision is going to be made by my wallet come that month. Here are the options:

A cloak ala so many brass rubbings featuring my own arms….

Lierin blazon

….Or a custom designed dress based off of the shield of Rivia and Lyria in the Fantasy novels / games “The Witcher”.


When it comes to the latter, I haven’t found any red and white lozengy fabric for under $17.50/yd yet, so that may torpedo the project before it gets off the ground. Unless I limit the lozengy part to just the bodie and simplify the skirt to red and white stripes or blocks.


For July, you don’t think it would be too bold of me to make a feminized version of Vernon Roche’s turban do you? (Yes, more Witcher) I’ve loved that hat for YEARS now, and have never had an excuse to actually sit down and tackle it. Of course, I’d want it constructed and sewn in to place so that I could just put it on and take it off without the draping, pinning, and hassle that surely goes in to wearing it. Makes me wonder exactly how he gets through so many fights with it perfectly secured? (Something to research while making it!!)



November is going to be the last video game reference, but boy will it be a doozy. I already did a *ahem* relatively period accurate (we’ll call it “more accurate at least then the game was”) version of Sofia Sartor-Auditore’s green dress in Assassin’s Creed Revelations. And since my Italian husband loves any excuse to wear his Ezio cosplay, I wouldn’t mind another turn at one of the Assassin’s Creed ladies.

But then you have my ultimate love in the Elder Scrolls games. I’ve loved the top three dresses since 2006/7, and … well they may not be accurate, but I’d probably sacrifice that to finally own one of them. Then again, it might be a super exciting project to take one and redesign it in to a proper period piece! (Unless of course, Witcher 3 throws something truly spectacular at us). Decisions decisions!



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