Selling to Jack Tarinton in the House Flippers Game

Selling to Jack Tarinton in House Flippers is one of the rarest achievements, partially because it was LITERALLY impossible until a short while ago.


Stays pt 2 – American Duchess Simplicity 8162

BONING!! No not that kind of boning. Don't be a perve 😛  . Stays boning! I actually have something to say about that and decided to do so via video:   Getting back to the process, First, boning channels. I'll let you read up on American Duchess' blog first. I went here first and [...]

Stays pt 1 – American Duchess Simplicity 8162

All good outfits begin with the underpinnings. And since I'm a bit wider than I was in college when I had my last 18th century gig ... I need all new ones! But I'm also pretty confident that my sewing skills have improved in the last decade, so this is probably a good excuse to [...]

Regis (Part 2)

Gods, I love Regis... sorry Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy. Firstly, here's a post dump of reference pictures on my sewing blog's facebook page: Ok, so here's the stash of fabric out of which I'm going to work my magic. A few sidenotes: 1. The pretty embossed floral scrolly brown fabric from which I'd like to make [...]